Sophisticated, Full color high gloss Advertisements! -- You will enjoy being noticed on our classy Admat advertisements.

Stunning full color gloss custom designed AdMat Advertising vs. Restaurant "throw away" placemats or Admenus. The Ad Shoppe, Advertisements, surpass all throw away ad floating in Restaurants today.

Our ads are circulated among the prominent, Golf Tournaments, Car Shows, Events, Concerts, EXPO floor shows, Clubs, Inside Shop & Meet, Galas, Charity events, Conferences, Private gatherings, Meet & Greets... just to name a few.

Welcome to The Ad Shoppe.Biz, a perfect place for selective advertisement. Some say it's ol' Skool technics to advertise this way. However, our personal feedback speaks very differently. It's our personal touch and our way of selecting our recipients. They say "Bring It On!". Terri, we like the ol' Skool way of promoting.

Our circulations are mailed directly to our selective audience and passed individually at the most prominent of places and events possible. The hottest Trendy Spots, Charity functions, Car Shows, you name it we are watching out for our advertisers.

Sign up for our monthly online releases and find out if it's right for your business or particular ad placement. Whether it be an Ad-Flyer or a Ad-Calendar, our Ads are printed full color on high gloss paper. The artwork is creative, trendy, marketable and most of all, it's in the right hands once delivered.

Come join us today! Try out an ad. We can design something fabulous for you or for your company that will catch the readers eye. Don't wait! Place your ad with The Ad Shoppe.Biz.

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Desired Image Design Studio

Custom Graphics | Commercial Printing

Here at Desired Image, we design and print many of our customers Ad-Stuffers

The first step is to discuss with you, our client, what your goals are and the audience you are trying to reach. We want to know about your company values and services. Once we have a feel for who you are and what you do, we can begin looking for ways to communicate that message visually.

Let's get started. Contact us with your ad requests and we will be happy to assist in your advertisement design.